The Institute of Direct Marketing of Nigeria (IDMN) & The Direct Marketing Association of Nigeria (DMAN) stand out as Africa' leading bodies in responsible ICT-driven modern technology marketing.

IDMN is Africa's first Institute that specialises in the development of responsible and data-driven marketing practice. In accordance with the ideals of IFDMA. The Institute over the years have been able to train many Nigerians in the modern science and art of high technology driven marketing - known as direct marketing.

DMAN was formed by Africa's Regional Centre for Marketing Research and Development ARCMARD in collaboration with African Marketing Summit Group.

The association was formed to groom Nigerians and Africans at large in the field of Direct Marketing as well as encourage the growth and development of Direct Marketing.

Future of Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is the fastest growing specialist area of marketing today and its major areas include: Customer Relationship Marketing, e-Commerce/Internet Marketing, Database Marketing, Business-to-Busines marketing, Telemarketing, direct Response TV/Radio Marketing, Door-to-Door Marketing, One-to-One Marketing etc.

The evolution of technology especially in the area of information technology has led to growth in Internet and e-Commerce. This partly explains the phenomenal growth of direct Marketing. The future of Direct Marketing is very bright given the astronomical rise in Internet marketing as well as other technologies. This explains why direct marketing is the marketing of the future.

Objectives of IDMN & DMAN

IDMN & DMAN subscribes totally to the ideals of the Global convention of IFDMA - International Federation of Direct Marketing Associations that was put in place when it was formed in 1995 and was adopted by Direct Marketing Associations in 29 countries. To this end, the following are some of the numerous objectives of IDMN & DMAN:

  • To raise Direct Marketing standards and professionalism in Nigeria and Africa at large.
  • To publicise the positive values of Direct Marketing to Nigerians
  • To provide an enabling environment in Nigeria that will guarantee trust and confidence to consumers, customers and all other stakeholders of Direct Marketing process
  • To encourage research in the field of Direct Marketing
  • To encourage career progression emongst direct marketing professionals
  • To promote the art and science of Direct marketing through training, education, workshop, seminars, publications as well as contionous professional development programmes etc.
  • To fashion out codes of best practice for the Direct Marketing Industry in Nigeria
  • To encourage and sponsor legislations that are Direct Marketing friendly
  • To provide on regular basis, a platform for interaction in Nigeria and africa on Direct marketing
  • To support all international Direct Marketing Association including IFDMA etc.

Direct Marketing in Africa

Through research conducted by ARCMARD, it has been discovered that the only country in Africa where Direct Marketing is present today apart from Nigeria is South Africa. Nigeria therefore through the effort of DMAN is now the 2nd African country to have a Direct Marketing Association.

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